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The perfect time of the year to dream and make plans. What happens if we dare to dream? Is there a fear of becoming who we want to be, since failure is lurking around the corner? Is it joy and excitement we feel at the thought of having our dreams fulfilled in the future?

Kingfisher And Moon, originally uploaded by billkominsky.

Dreaming can be scary business.
Many don’t dare for fear of never tasting their dreams.
But the best part of dreaming isn’t reaching what we imagine,
it’s the process of getting there.

Dreaming is like gazing into a mirror that looks into the future.
Each time we step into the reflection,
the image changes into a more real possibility.
Every experience we’ve had along our journey has enriched us immeasurably.
What we seek evolves everyday from the presence of those we meet.
We too change with every experience,
and our dream unfolds and reshapes with us.

Quote from Dare to Dream

In our dreams we make contact on another level with the Divine part of us. Through that eternal part of us that is out of reach of the five senses. It is the homeland of our intuition, the inspiration and illumination given to us from the Divine.

There the possibility for our future arises, out of the subconscious. Where we fly in the sky, carefree, dreaming and utterly happy, joyful and, the best part of it: we feel free to be who we are. So we can live as if no one is watching. Begin dreaming, then ground the dreams in reality. Some dreams have happened, some of them did not. Are there more dreams waiting to be voiced out loud? Of course!

I have come to believe that the Divine source will work through us when we allow it. This idea just makes me smile and smile: “Dreaming is like gazing into a mirror that looks into the future. Each time we step into the reflection, the image changes into a more real possibility.”

How about entering the year 2009 full of dreams well grounded and taking baby steps towards the fulfillment of your wishes? Climbing the mountain to reach the summit always begins with one step at the time. And enjoy the walk all the way, that is the best part of it.

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In April I wrote the post What the heck happened? and now the article and the photo of the spiritual entity are published. Copyright of the photo is Robbert van den Broeke, website Dutch only!

The article ‘Consciousness is vulnerable’ is published in the July-August 2007 issue of Frontier Magazine also only in Dutch. Here is the translation of the part about the photo that Robbert van den Broeke took.

Robbert van den Broeke feels another dimensional energy when it is present around him. Sometimes he notices ‘something’ from the corner of his eye. To the question whether he could do that during the interview with the digital camera of the authors, he walks to the hallway and makes 10 pictures in 52 seconds.

On the first two pictures there is an entity perhaps formed out of ectoplasm that resembles a human looking figure. By the way ectoplasm is a term that was used for the first time by a Nobel price winner for physiology and medicine professor Charles Robert Richet (1859-1935). The word stems from the Greek ektos, outside, and plasma, that which is formed or molded. Ectoplasm refers to electromagnetism that can be brought outside of a body by a medium like Van den Broeke. (Dictionary Van Dale: substance into which spirit is supposed to be materialized; through the interference of a medium).

Picture by Robbert

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Hey you
There on the fence
You’ve got a choice
One day it will make sense
Hey you first love yourself
or if you can’t
try to love someone else”

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop– Mother Teresa

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RED, originally uploaded by placbo.

Here is one way to visualize by Rob of iwishicouldtellyou. I am curious how you deal with visualization.

I have often visualized to create things like more space, work, or easy material things such as another wheelbarrow for the garden, someone to fix the shed in the garden. Sometimes I find that I visualize because I cannot and will not accept reality as it is. Then I complain about the lack of space in our boat, I am unhappy since I like to do things so work would be more than welcome. It is a sort of fix mechanism.

On the other hand the wheelbarrow materialized within two days and the person to fix the shed appeared one year after. When it is fun things with less weight attached I can see it as a game.

I am now at a place where I visualize for indeed the wheelbarrow or projects that I am in. Just the first small step ahead that I would like to make. I visualize that and accept whatever comes. And then again: I am often wondering if everything in my life is happening in a perfect way, who needs to visualize to create and what for? Can I feel what I really need?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions:
1. What do you visualize?
2. Why do you visualize?
3. Did anything happen when you visualized?

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white for letting go and possibility red for love orange to make juice yellow when mellow green for hope blue for peace indigo for children violet for spirit

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Today I had a conversation with a woman. Late fifties, healthy and she notices how she feels stuck in life. Work, family and volunteering work had all by itself dropped away. And she had entered the void. This empty place that you notice when all other things drop away. She said: “I feel restless with the silence. I want to get up and do something”. Sounds familiar? Yeah, we all have these moments.

originally uploaded by tuna bites.

It made me think about silence and the void. We are all raised as people that hardly sit down. We try to avoid the silence and sitting still. People around us kindly push us into helping, being there for others and otherwise you are called lazy. Until in the end people can get lost when they spend time alone, in silence or when life brings the void in.

For one reason or another life will send you the silence again. To be reconnected and hear the voices in your head rattling along with good advice, critique and anything that will have you get out of your chair and help others. When is it time to help yourself? When is enough really enough? Do we have to wait for disease or burn-out to take a time out?

Give yourself a gift and embrace the void when life gives you one. When you get the time to sit down and be alone. Feel who you have become and what you feel like when with yourself. Of course it is a challenge in the beginning and a blessing in the end when you can be in the silence of the void.

In May 2000 I met the void. In the shape of Odin, the blank rune. I was not amused. I disliked silence, the void was to be avoided at all times. My life needed speed and as many as possible attractions and experiences per day. A friend said about the same blank rune: “I love that rune. It is my favorite.” What did she say there!?! I could not deal with it. I was angry and pissed of by the runes.

Much later I read the meaning of the rune and this particular sentence has stayed with me over the years.

Here the Unknowable informs you that it is in motion in your life. In that blankness is held undiluted potential. At the same time both pregnant and empty, it comprehends the totality of being, all that is to be actualized. And if, indeed, there are “matters hidden by the gods,” you need only remember: What beckons is the creative power of the unknown.

The conversation today made me realize that somewhere I did embrace the void. It happened so softly and swiftly, I did not even notice. I gave thanks to her for making me aware that emptiness is pregnant with possibility. I no longer fear it, I welcome it and live out of my own silence on a daily basis. The circle is closed, the voice is embraced again.

Imagination, originally uploaded by zanettco.

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My square-in-a-round-world-phase seems to have passed. The brain worked over time, here is one of the subjects. Today I somewhere read or heard this:

We are souls with a physical body, not physical bodies with a soul.

The thing to question is: What is my soul doing in my physical body?
Would it happen to be a round soul in a square body? Don’t think so.
Would my soul spend a lot of time thinking about:

Organic, vegetarian or French fries with lots of mayonnaise?
Classical, rock or jazz?
Beach, forest, designer store?
Loose weight, grow long hair or paint it?
Less s.p.a.m. and more comments on the weblog?
When will I get to do something exciting?
Did I make a stupid remark to her? Really?

No way, my soul would not spend one second on any of those. That is all in the department of the physical body pretending to be my soul. But who is the I and where is the soul hiding? What would the list of a soul look like?

Attitude of service
Making a difference, small is good too.
Being kind and considerate
Practice forgiveness
Spread love, love and love.

What is your soul doing in your body?

Iris, originally uploaded by Surrealist.

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