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In my ongoing research of astrology I am investigating the soul mission and soul potential as stated in the birth horoscope. This part of the horoscope has many interesting aspects. However so far I have not often used this particular symbol of the horoscope. To get a feeling for it I would like to do some research and yes I need volunteers.

So, are you curious about your astrological soul potential?
Are you willing to spend about 30 minutes of your time?

Please leave a comment under this post. I will contact the first 5 people and research their soul potential. Thank you.

Update: I will need your details (date of birth, place of birth, time of birth). Then I will post an explanation about your soul potential on my blog. The feedback I would like to receive from you is the following:
– How helpful is the description?
– Do you recognize yourself in it?
– Can you use this knowledge in your life?

N.B. So this is an open research about the soul potential and how helpful it is if you have this knowledge. If you want to keep your birth details off line, that is OK with me. Just the exchange of my interpretation and your reply I will put online then. Just let me know what you prefer.


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Thanks to astrologers like Steven Forrest nearly every one interested in astrology says they are watching Pluto and the effects it symbolizes in their life. If you are among them, this articles provides 5 tips so your dealing with this transit Pluto square Pluto is beneficial and transformational! You could also read What is Pluto square Pluto or Pluto in the Horoscope if you want to know about the specific influence of Pluto in the house of your horoscope.

Bear in mind that there is a huge difference to be found in how you look at the transit of Pluto square Pluto. The symbolism of Pluto square Pluto and its benefits are often said to be on opposite ends of the your life’s spectrum. In the world of duality the influences of Pluto could be classified as “good” or “bad”.

Here’s the simplest answer: Pluto comes to your rescue at a time in your life that you are ready for change. More broadly, it is an excellent opportunity for letting go of patterns that do no longer serve your best interest and begin practicing new ways to deal with yourself and your life. I use rescue in the sense that Pluto sets you free from confinement or to bring you back to your natural state of being. Why is Pluto often seen as “bad”? Easy: the effects of Pluto may hit you by surprise in that it may put you in distress for a while before you can see the good part of it. The benefits become clear after the initial distress leaves you.

Here are five ways to deal with your distress while still using Pluto square Pluto for your best interest.

Tell people close to you

You might like to inform your partner and closest family members that you have a need for them to be patient with you. Pluto square Pluto could be considered as one of those potential life changing events (as in getting married, change or loss of job, moving into another town) so you are now in a process of transformation. It doesn’t always look good when you are dealing with letting go of old patterns. You might feel the need to release anger, fear, sadness and other negative emotions. You could consider telling them that you are working on yourself at some level. They might not always understand and may be you might not understand yourself. But perhaps by telling they can let you do your work on yourself. Do not be shy to ask support. Transformational times can be challenging. People going through Pluto square Pluto often prefer to do this work alone, which is fine. If at some time you need someone to listen to you or just sit with you, ask for it. You might be surprised how the right person seems to arrive at your doorstep just when you needed them.

Be sweet on yourself

Change does not happen over night. Transformation takes time. The transit of Pluto square Pluto happens to take several months or even more than a year. Do not rush, keep breathing and tell yourself that you will be fine. Instead of worrying yourself to bits about Pluto square Pluto and everything the astrology books tell you about it, do not try ever to understand everything that is happening, relax. Go for long walks, have a massage, go to the sauna. Anything that will help you to get out of the habit of worrying. Or consider buying paper, pencils, paint, whatever inspires you. Doodle and pretend you are creative.

Focus on the good

Instead of looking at your life as being all wrong, look at the transit as something that will allow you to have new things fall into place for you. Pluto square Pluto is there to remind you also that you are in the right place, at the right time doing the right thing. The events in your life may hurt you and are at the same time inviting you to move into another arena. Resistance is a natural thing. Don’t overdo it.


If you feel like it, sit down and write anything that comes to mind when you think about the transit of Pluto square Pluto and where it hits you. Look at this transit as an organic event. Life itself uses so many cycles and this is one of them. There will come a time that you look back and see what was going on exactly. While in the Pluto square Pluto transit let it all happen as much as you can. There will be ups and downs, look at them and feel its effects on you. You will be glad it happened, once it is over.

Break old habits

Everyone of us has habits that are out of date. They may be in different areas as in work, love life, dealing with family and loved ones or money and material things. Pluto square Pluto wants you to remove as many of the old habits that you yourself have known for some time now as to be no longer in your best interest. Look at them and see that you could let them go. No need to worry about new habits yet, they will develop by itself, learn to listen to what feels natural to you.

“Pluto square Pluto” is not a regulated or standardized transit- you are always able to deal with it and its effects. You can decide that you want to use Pluto square Pluto in a beneficial way. You can tell yourself to use the transit for your own good. And there is no science to say that you cannot deal with Pluto positively.

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Do you want to know more about the meaning of Pluto in your horoscope? This is an article that explains in short sentences what the meaning is of Pluto in the houses, from the first house to the twelfth house. You can also find Pluto passing through the houses in transit.

Pluto in real life

Planet Pluto is in demand these days. Perhaps you are also born with Pluto in the sign of Virgo, just like a whole generation to be precisely. This means that you are probably experiencing the transit called Pluto square Pluto. As a result you end up here looking for answers.

Pluto in the Horoscope

Pluto does not move very quick through the 12 houses in a horoscope. The ‘great transformer’ can do its work slowly and thoroughly. How Pluto happens for you depends also on the sign and the house that holds Pluto in your natal horoscope. And of course all the planets that have connections or aspects with Pluto.What effect has Pluto in each of the houses? Short descriptions of Pluto in the natal house and what Pluto does in the house when passing through it. If you need your horoscope you can get it for free at Astro.com.

Pluto in the Houses

Be aware that these descriptions get you started, they are not everything that has to be taken into account. There is also the sign of the zodiac that Pluto holds in your horoscope and the aspects that Pluto makes with other planets. At the end I will put links where you can find more information about Pluto, the transit Pluto square Pluto and Pluto moving through the signs. So look for the place where your Pluto was at your time of birth, and read the information. Then look for which house Pluto now occupies. It is at the end of Sagittarius at the moment to give you a hint.

First house Pluto

Your sense of self, your awareness and how you show yourself to others. In this life you will become aware that this way no longer holds or is at least up for revision.

Second house Pluto

The worth that you put on yourself. How secure can you feel with yourself? Now is the time to value yourself and no longer look at others to do just that for you.

Third house Pluto

Communication with others, how do you talk and listen and express yourself in general? Is what you express in the world congruent with how you think about yourself? Or is there a cover-up version of you around? Expect the mask to be removed. People will relate to the real you, it is already there for everyone to see but you will be taught to see it too.

Fourth house Pluto

What is your concept of home and family? Your emotional foundation can be shaken at the Pluto transit again. Just for you to get stronger within you, at a soul level.

Fifth house Pluto

Creativity and fun, showing yourself in the world. Also connecting to children or being curious like a child. Pluto transit has you look at this again. When you have grown up a little bit too much, you will relate to fun in another way now.

Sixth house Pluto

This area is related to work and health. You probably have had your share of issues to do with that. This transit will show you new ways to relate to your diet, health and exercise and you might even find work that fits you better.

Seventh house Pluto

In relationships you will probably feel vulnerable and out of whack. It is less comfortable to share your life since it upsets your daily routine. The transit might evoke issues to connect with people on an emotional level. You will have learned through life that others show you yourself in the mirror!

Eight house Pluto

I would say this is the house to let go of things. You can stay on your soapbox forever or accept that some things can evolve over time as well. The transiting Pluto here will make you look at what you can release within you to relate to others in the world in a new way. You are ready for it, not in one day, soon.

Ninth house Pluto

The world is your oyster, truly. With meeting people and traveling and forming your own opinions you transform yourself. You cannot look at others to find your ‘truth’, that is a personal adventure. Transiting Pluto makes for an interesting shake up of your beliefs. Time to tidy up a bit and leaving old beliefs behind.

Tenth house Pluto

Where lives your natural authority? Have you found a way to respond to people and events that is authentically you? Your personal power and strength will be challenged over and again. The transit of Pluto here will have you look at this too. Grow stronger and dare to challenge authority by being you.

Eleventh house Pluto

The area of individuality and originality. How original do you dare to be? Transiting Pluto will perhaps challenge you with sudden changes in your community, to create a save way for you to show your original way of thinking.

Twelfth house Pluto

An emotional search for your connection to the spiritual area. Where do you feel the connection with the higher self part of you? Can you feel it somewhere? The transit of Pluto here will remove the old layers that prevent you from connection with your intuition.

My experience with Pluto

I am born in 1965, Pluto is in the 9th house in Virgo. I have already experienced my Pluto square Pluto. I wrote about it like this:

In March 2003, during a creative workshop I really painted my heart out. I had no idea what I carried within me. It was a surprise that I could draw and that I had a story in the drawings that said something about me. One of the paintings is totally black, very Plutonian black I would call it. The woman of the workshop really encouraged me to just be with the black. And then I started crying and put more black paint and the drops of the tears are on the paper. Beautiful! All the Pluto-stuff was there, it all came out. When the whole page was black I noticed a change. I was ready for another color. The next sheet got black like a wave and then the red got in, I was back in the womb as a baby growing inside my mother. I sort of got back into my own life as well. It was not bliss after that, but it got bearable in a way.”

Pluto in the houses at cafeastrology.com, Pluto in houses and signs also at skyscript.co.uk.

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The process of making the collage connects me to another world, the world of the subconscious, impressions, colours and fun. The instructions from Michelle made me uncomfortable, the same as last month. So indeed just the right place to depart from, being uncertain, not knowing and without expectations. I had not idea what would come out of this. The theme for this month is Aquarius:

‘I am the One who innovates, rebels, invents, my body electric, electrifies (anything blue), Quantum Physics, aloofness, I stand up- this sign rules the ankles. This month we are working with the energies of the 11th House doorway, Aquarius and Uranus-the Innovator. The community you serve through your unique gifts and talents. What is the original thought you have come to share? What is your soul longing to express? This is the SoulCollage card that reflects your uniqueness. It may be related to a future self that you are birthing.’


Aquarius occupies the second house in my birth chart, in the explanation of the New Moon journal it is facing the issues of self esteem and self worth, my relationship to abundance, money and things. Also tools for survival and what I have to give. There are no planets here. And to be honest all the issues of the second house I confront in my life this month. Self esteem has known better times, abundance has moved out of my live and poverty consciousness walked in. The other air houses that could come to the rescue, Gemini and Libra, seem far away, the second house is like a void without a voice. However Gemini contains the North Node and planet Jupiter, and can come to the rescue.

Gemini in the 6th house could give voice to my uniqueness in the area of work. I am indeed looking for a job to stop thinking a little bit. Too much time makes my ME very boring! Uranus and being an individual comes together with my transformation, with surrender. Uranus and Pluto are sooooooo close together in the birth chart.

The collage shows Aquarius who gives me thoughts all drifting into thin air. There is not a lot of coherence, just ideas and nice ones too. I tend to get enthusiastic easily, but then I loose focus pretty quick and leave the original idea that I had behind. Fulfillment of goals seems a bridge too far, without the focus. This all reminds me of the post last week on this blog called: ‘It’s raining, it’s pouring my life seems so boring’. How about using this month to connect to uniqueness again? Sounds too good to be true.

“I am unique.
I serve through my original gifts and talents.
I decree they manifest now.”

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With this article I explore the context of astrology and the nature of astrology. In a way I would like to link it to the universal laws. I will begin with one of the seven hermetic principles: the principle of correspondence. Often used as the axiom “as above so below’.  This is an exploration only, I did not find the one answer, just got more clarity on both astrology and the principle of correspondence.

Concepts, Books and Technique
On my quest to understand the workings of astrology I did research. Lots of books, by the kilo sometimes. To broaden my horizon. To find out about astronomy, about the ancient astronomers that were also astrologers.
To learn the technique of astrology. To learn other concepts of life and to find meaningful or meaningless answers. So when researching Hermes Trismegistus I found out about the book ‘Kybalion, A Study of The Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece’. Download for free is possible at Gutenbergs website. Sometimes the title Kybalion doesn’t react. You can also search on the e-text number 14209. It is about seven hermetic principles and some call it the gist of the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus.

The Kybalion
In the Kybalion I found one of the seven Hermetic Principles; the Principle of Correspondence, with the axiom ‘As above so below’ as part of the explanation. That above and below correspond with each other just as meaningful and meaningless are tied together. In the end the truth/enlightenment/the answer cannot be found within this concept that originates in looking at the world from duality. The axiom ‘As above, so below’ is used by astrologers and many others to prove that astrology is correct.

By the way whomever voiced that axiom a long time ago kept us in duality rather than unity, since the axiom in itself (above and below) is dual! Why this axiom applies to the world, what it means and where it comes from is a mystery. I have read stories about it, from general stories to complex theories. [1] Very nice. But not what I was looking for.

This Principle of correspondence embodies the truth that there is always a Correspondence between the laws and phenomena of the various planes of Being and Life.
Author Unknown –
The Kybalion, Chapter 2

Got it? No? I will tell you again, using understandable Jack and Jill language…

Principle of Correspondence
A universal truth is something that is ALWAYS true and applies to ALL of us. The universal laws apply on different levels. For instance in the material world on a physical level. Science can measure things in length, width, height, thickness or circumference. But at the same time everything vibrates, whether you can see it or not. This entails that everything changes in every moment. I am not the same woman now, as I was five minutes ago. There may not be notable changes, but still. The only thing that is for sure is that there is change. Things move away, things get together, all to do with vibration.

A universal truth exists on all levels, also on the levels that we do not know or don’t experience with our 5 to 6 senses. There is harmony and agreement between all that exists on earth. Everything comes from the same source, no matter how you name that source. Everybody and everything is subject to the same rules. Everything is under the principle of correspondence.

Moment of Astrology
Right now I am reading ‘The moment of astrology’ by Geoffrey Cornelius. On the cover of the book it says:

The description of astrology as a divination […] This possibility is approached here through closely examined horoscope cases, in order to describe the phenomena that actually occur when astrology comes to life, in contrast to what traditional theory tells us ought to occur.
Author Unknown –
Backcover of The moment in Astrology

I find this very interesting and will post more when I finish.

Astrology as a way to look upon ourselves or myself is a method that people will use as long as we think that we are living in duality. But then again, anything can be divination by itself. It is not just planets that can give meaning to our lives. Something gets meaning because I give meaning to it.

Astrology and I Ching and tarot perhaps belong together after all. The only difference perhaps being that the axiom ‘as above so below’, is too appropriate to astrology. It seems to fit so nicely, the planets and stars are out there, above us and we are below, hence the combination is made and symbols to interpret are born.

Universal truth.
Everything in the universe connects, always and for all of us.
Next step is that planets and stars belong to the universe.
Harmony, agreement and correspondence exist for all us.
It applies to everything.
Everything in the universe vibrates and changes.
It is looking for harmony and agreement.
How can it not do so?
Planets and stars are connected to everything.
I am connected to the stars.
That is still a question, it might be through universal laws.
Maybe the law of correspondence, maybe through divination.

[1] Several websites mention ‘As above, so below’ to explain what astrology is and why it works. Here are several examples. The order is by chance.
– Alan Oken wrote a book called ‘As above so below’ in 1973.
– Liz Greene in her article “The Language of the unconscious’ refers to the axiom and that ‘Jung hints in the same direction’. This article is on the website http://www.mindfire.ca.
– Bernadette Brady talked at the annual AA conference in 2005 about astrology and complexity theory. She proposed that astrology has a nature rather like fractals, those beautiful ephemeral patterns of infinite complexity, putting the Hermetic axiom of “as above, so below” into the modern scientific framework of chaos theory.

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Perhaps you are dealing with the transit Pluto square Pluto yourself, you heard about it and now you are informing yourself on what it means for you. I first deal with the technical details. What is an aspect and what is Pluto, that kind of thing. The second part is about what Pluto square Pluto can do in the natal chart of people like you and me. If you already know that you are having this transit, you can skip the first part. The third part is an invitation to share your Pluto square Pluto story.

Technical Part

To understand Pluto square Pluto we first need to look at what is a square aspect? Apparently a square is an aspect. But what is an aspect? An aspect is the distance measured between two planets when they are in a circle. The circle holds 360 degrees. A square is the aspect of 90 degrees. Often referred to as a hard aspect, since there is friction between two planets at this angle. Friction can be solved by using the energy wisely. Use it, work it and deal with it until it is over and done with.


The planet Pluto square Pluto taken literally is Pluto 90 degrees apart from Pluto. When does that happen? Suppose you have your natal chart before you. First look for Pluto’s glyphs or symbols. There is two different symbols that you might have in your chart. The first symbol is a monogram of the letters P and L. The other one looks like a human.plutomed2thumbnail.gif Now you need to find out what sign Pluto is in. Look at the outermost circle of your natal chart and look for the symbols of the signs of the zodiac, the Sun Signs as they are also called. Pluto will probably be in Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio or Sagittarius, for people born in the last 100 years or so. Look for the other info that is with the symbol, some information that looks like 28 (Virgo symbol) 24.

If your transit of Pluto square Natal Pluto is about to happen, it needs to be 90 degrees apart or almost 90 degrees apart from the position it had at the time of birth. How do you measure this? Find out what the position for Pluto is today [January 28th 2006 it is almost 28 degrees Sagittarius]. You can look it up at the front page of http://www.astro.com under the heading Current planets. For Pluto to make a square you diminish it with 90 degrees, and you will come back to the position of Pluto at your time of birth. So in this case that would have to be around 29 degrees Virgo to make an exact aspect of 90 degrees.

When is Your Pluto Square Pluto?

If you are born in a certain year we can tell when the transit Pluto square Pluto is about to happen. Here is an outline of the approximate time:

Born 1920, transit around 1974
Born 1930, transit 1974
Born 1940, transit 1984
Born 1950, transit 1990
Born 1960, transit 1996
Born 1970, transit 2006
Born 1980, transit 2009
Born 1990, transit 2033
Born 2000, transit 2051

Personal Part

What is Pluto? It is one of several planets that you can find in your birth chart. It is a planet that is relatively far away from planet Earth and it takes 248 years for Pluto to make one turn around the 12 signs of the zodiac. It is a slow planet, and it might even be the slowest that astrologers use.

Interpretations of Pluto are several. Most well known are Steven Forrest and Jeff Green, also sometimes lovingly called the Pluto-brothers. They both wrote a book about the planet Pluto. Jeff Green says: ‘ I would agree that Pluto represents the biggest wound, in the sense that the soul has been wounded ever since it had a patriarchal transition and experienced the progressive suppression of Natural Law. Any time we have anything natural which is suppressed, it’s going to become the basis of distortion and rage and wounds, because now the soul is being asked to live in violation of Natural Law. So, of course, Pluto’s going to connect with a deep wound. But then the question becomes: “What is that wound connected to?” And my answer would be “the soul.” This quote is from an interview that originally appeared in the mountain astrologer. You can read it here on the internet.

What does Pluto square Pluto mean to you? In general this planet is also called the great transformer. Or the shadow part of you. It is a symbol for many different things. It breaks down structures, removes the old to make room for the new. It could entail drastic changes, inner turmoil, anything to do with dreams, fears, or leftovers from our past. When it appears in an aspect of 90 degrees with itself in the natal chart, all of these things might happen. How that will happen depends on the sign and the house Pluto is in your natal chart. And all the other aspects that it involves. I wrote a post on Pluto in the houses and transiting in the houses.

It could be an intense time where emotions get out that you have not noticed before. It is hard to ignore that something out of the ordinary is happening to you. The messages that you get can hardly go by unnoticed. The solution to Pluto square Pluto, and anything else that seems to ‘oppose’ you and the life you are living is to look it in the eye! Deal with it, don’t avoid it. It is a time to reconnect with your inner being, the not so visible you, the you that is not so much in the mind but in the unconscious part of you.

How to Handle Pluto Square Pluto?

Bodywork, workshops to express the inner you through art, meditation, writing classes, tarot, music. Another way is to listen careful to the insights that you get. What do your dreams tell you or your intuition? Time to listen carefully here and with an open mind. Don’t discard ideas, listen to the ideas and don’t let the mind interfere. Suppose your Pluto is in your fifth house: deal with your self expression, be proud of how you can express yourself and do it. You no longer have to hide in the crowd, get in the spot light and do your thing. I also wrote an article on five ways to use Pluto square Pluto positively.

How does Pluto Square Pluto appear in one’s life?

In the transit of Pluto square Pluto everyone has their own particular experiences. Pluto is in a different sign and in a different house. To give you an idea I will tell you my story of Pluto.

My natal Pluto is in Virgo, 9th house and when the transit happened Pluto had moved on to Sagittarius, 12th house. 9th house is all about freedom, travel and finding one’s own truth or religion. No where to look but inside of myself. The 12th house is about finding a connection with intuition or the higher self. Nicely connecting the 9th and the 12th house since Sagittarius is the sign of the 9th house!.

At that time I was running a very successful business with my partner, I was happy, enjoying life and care free. My work involved travel and sharing my knowledge with others. In March 2000 I gave birth to my daughter. 6 months later the very successful business I had with my partners (also in the last stage of his Pluto square Pluto) collapsed. It all happened slowly and without warning. Clients moved away because of natural causes mostly. There was no where an argument or hassle with clients. Work just stopped. Like that. Since I had always identified with work and not being at home but far away, I felt horrible and useless. It was time to change and leave old ideas about who I was behind me.

Pluto was also in my 12th house and stayed there until the end of October 2008. During this time I was not able to find a lot of work. With all my talents wasted- that is how I felt it- I was a stay at home mum and lost my self confidence. I gave birth to my second child and felt the marriage changed at the same time. Feeling vulnerable, useless, guilty and most of all I had no idea how to fill my days. From a doing person I became a full time being person and I resisted with all that I had inside of me. I was not going to give in and be myself. No way. I was my own enemy and scared to step out or even look outside of the box of beliefs and restrictions that I had placed upon myself.

birthOver time I got better at “being on holidays”, the guilt dispersed and very slowly I got to appreciate who I had become. The fear left me, joy was not yet there though. In 2007 I made, totally unaware at the time, the transition to another life, as myself. I walked to Santiago de Compostela in 11 weeks. Events during the walk made it possible to come to decisions. When I got home I ended my relationship and found a place to live by myself. I am still working on sharing my truth and living it and speaking it.

If you want to share about your Pluto square Pluto tell us all about it.

If you have questions on Pluto square Pluto, just leave your comments and I will get back to you.

With love, Miriam

P.S. In the questions that people ask I notice the tendency to fear Pluto square Pluto. In my opinion there is no need to be afraid of anything in astrology; bad predictions or bad oppositions do not exist out there. Only I in my mind have the thoughts that make me worry and worry about bad outcomes of events. Life brings me challenges like all of us have them. I try and look at them and listen to my inner voice that is sometimes so hard to hear with all the clutter of worry already in my mind.

p.p.s This is one of my drawings made at the time of my transit Pluto square Pluto. I called it Birth. There is more drawings in another post on this web-log called Drawings Pluto square Pluto.

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Looking at the sky at night, for hours, in summer only, I notice that the sky changes. The Moon walks, the stars move around, everything changes position for me as the observer of the sky on Earth.

Of course I know the theory, it is not the sky that is falling, the Earth is rising. The Earth rotates and the observatories take note of that. For me it is much harder to see what happens, now I can! Here is the source of this moving version of the astronomical picture of the day (23 January), taken at the Cerro Paranel, Chile.


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