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The perfect time of the year to dream and make plans. What happens if we dare to dream? Is there a fear of becoming who we want to be, since failure is lurking around the corner? Is it joy and excitement we feel at the thought of having our dreams fulfilled in the future?

Kingfisher And Moon, originally uploaded by billkominsky.

Dreaming can be scary business.
Many don’t dare for fear of never tasting their dreams.
But the best part of dreaming isn’t reaching what we imagine,
it’s the process of getting there.

Dreaming is like gazing into a mirror that looks into the future.
Each time we step into the reflection,
the image changes into a more real possibility.
Every experience we’ve had along our journey has enriched us immeasurably.
What we seek evolves everyday from the presence of those we meet.
We too change with every experience,
and our dream unfolds and reshapes with us.

Quote from Dare to Dream

In our dreams we make contact on another level with the Divine part of us. Through that eternal part of us that is out of reach of the five senses. It is the homeland of our intuition, the inspiration and illumination given to us from the Divine.

There the possibility for our future arises, out of the subconscious. Where we fly in the sky, carefree, dreaming and utterly happy, joyful and, the best part of it: we feel free to be who we are. So we can live as if no one is watching. Begin dreaming, then ground the dreams in reality. Some dreams have happened, some of them did not. Are there more dreams waiting to be voiced out loud? Of course!

I have come to believe that the Divine source will work through us when we allow it. This idea just makes me smile and smile: “Dreaming is like gazing into a mirror that looks into the future. Each time we step into the reflection, the image changes into a more real possibility.”

How about entering the year 2009 full of dreams well grounded and taking baby steps towards the fulfillment of your wishes? Climbing the mountain to reach the summit always begins with one step at the time. And enjoy the walk all the way, that is the best part of it.

Take me I’m yours, originally uploaded by radiant guy.


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IF Opinion

IF Opinion, originally uploaded by radiant woman.

We all carry opinions and ahum (me too), we sometimes overdo it. Sharing an opinion on something can easily be seen as a big mouth saying bla bla bla.

When I think about it a little longer I reconsider the stating of an opinion. The person who hears what we say interprets the message and can make it into bla bla or as something lovely. Or something horrid, something regular, something abnormal whatever.

I would love it if I can listen to others and hear what they say as a contribution. However hard that might be for me. If people state an opinion could it be that they are concerned or passionate about something? That they are touched by it and want to say something about it? Even so called negative opinions can they come from the heart? It all depends how we interpret an opinion. What do you think?

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I moved into my own apartment last weekend. Strange environment, new noises, another bed, the sun waking me up in the morning and I try to enjoy being in my own place and spending time with myself. It is not a comfortable job after 13 years spending every day with some one else. I feel vulnerable, anxious and sounds make me react straight away. Baby steps, keep breathing, this will pass. I remind myself often to look for what I can do to move into another future.

Suresh of meditation photography made a remark today on the road that is less traveled and that it has made all the difference [quote by Robert Frost]. It feels good to rephrase my road as the road that makes all the difference. Even when I do not see it yet.

P.s. Just noticed another draft from the month of May dangling in cyber space. Waiting to be posted. Title: Is there one road to travel? Sure, I have been thinking about this for a long time now.

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Sitting down after Sunday morning coffee. Will the words come? What is living inside of me? What is it that I want to express? When nobody is watching and I do not care that anyone is watching?

I know it is possible to write anything down. I wonder what would happen if I simply pretend that the words come.

So let’s suppose for one minute that the words are already there and that I am the one keeping them down. Interesting. The words are there, here goes. I will take the plunge and spit it out. Not edited, I will not allow my inner critic to have a go at it. Here goes.

When you have been reading here longer, you know I went to walk on the camino. I found a cross and decided to take a long walk. I felt I needed a break from my life. there was this feeling of being in a dead end road. I was scared to leave my kids and my husband. Afraid of what might happen since I was so longing and ready for change.

The plan was to walk for 5 weeks, they turned into being away from home for 11 weeks. This is what happened on the very first day.

It was on a sunny day, I remember well that my bus arrived late, traffic was huge and Lyon was a busy train station. Had to buy a ticket to take the train to St Etienne. Funny system do the French use, the machine has a rolling device and I could not figure it out. Asked around and found it simple when I knew what to do. Bought a ticket, found the right track to catch the train. Had to run on heavy mountains boots and big backpack of 10 kilo, or was it more? I jumped on board and we left.
Would I have been ten seconds later, it would have left already.

I was taking deep breaths and sweat was all over. Sitting. Wondering, excited. I was nearing my destination. At St. Etienne station I got off and another half hour waiting for the next train. A big TGV-train (super fast train) arrived from Paris. Quite a few people came out. I was standing for the TGV to move on, since my next train was to come on the track after the TGV. Or so I thought.

Two men walked by, in their fifties, healthy, strong and joyful. They were looking like they were going for a walk since they had pilgrim sticks. But they passed me and went to another smaller track at the side of the station. Luckily I followed them, curiously since they looked like pilgrims. It turned out that my train was leaving from there.

Then another man appeared , a man in black, with backpack. My body reacted, my heart skipped a beat, I got warm and a strong sensation of knowing this man I had never seen before was present. How could that be? Being attracted and pulled towards someone like that? I was in for a change, I had no idea.

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Finding Words

I am probably not as alone as I sometimes believe. Everyone, including the members of my family, work colleagues and friends, everyone will at one time have to cope with losing ideals and changing values.

I know that consciously being able to let go of deeply personal and painful old wounds will create space. To be able to find a new outlook on living, with the old hurts and surpassing them.

Perhaps then can I broaden my horizon enough to see what it is that I would like to experience in this world.

Maybe it is time to share that process of coping. I am willing, I am finding words, now, one day, soon.

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Steppingintothelight , originally uploaded by radiant woman.

21st of June, another year in my life begins. In the Cathedral of Chartres I see the light of the Summer Solstice moving on the floor.

I have a big wish, I carry it inside. The wish to live fearless. To live as if nobody is watching me. To take myself by the hand with all my good and less good facets.

To take a step, spread my wings and fly.

I think what prevents me from doing that is judging myself.

In real life now it gets tougher and tougher to behave as if I am small and not OK. The camino has had a profound influence on me, both on the outside (lost 11 kilos) and on the inside (feeling more of myself)

What comes to mind is a card of a beautiful turquoise parrot sitting on a branch of a tree. The friend that send it to me, he has been in my life for over 20 years. He wrote: “You are like this parrot, when you come to development, you will surprise the world one day.”

What would it take to make living fearless happen? To take off and fly?

That is the core of living life fearless to me: opening my wings and fly. Hence the name of the blog, radiant woman. The part in me that longs to fly high.

I know she is living inside of me. I wonder why she keeps in hiding often.

What do I get out of hiding that part of me? When is enough enough?

Next step?

Allowing myself to speak up for what I need.
A year to communicate and staying true to myself.

Looking forward to that.

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Inner knowing provides me with my own Miriam-knowing, the gut feeling might even support it. Perhaps even more interesting is that I feel happy when I go with the inner knowing. Is that comforting? To me it is.

Every time a choice needs to be made, what do I do?



My inner critic is talking into my ear, sits on my shoulder. Already deleted 6 written sentences.

They were:

1. Pick up a book, choose a page at random and find line 7. These are fun and often at least amusing, mostly they apply to the situation.

2. Get a coffee, gulp it down and still can’t decide. This is postponing taking a decision.

3. Call a friend and then another, also postponing a decision and taking me away from inner knowing.

4. Go with what comes to mind first and what makes me smile.

5. Sit and do nothing. Only when I am very hesitant.

6. Listen to the critic and listen to the critic and listen to the critic and delete this post since it is going no where.

Do you get the point? The inner knowing is there and the inner critic seems its biggest treat. I still need to learn to send the inner critic to far away places and go with what I feel like doing.

Post this piece and pretend that I did not hear the inner critic.

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