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Where does the influence of the mind begin and where does it end? How much can we take charge of our body and its functioning? To a certain degree we are the master of our life. Since we choose how we react when life deals us cards that we would prefer to not be handed. So is it true that we are also the master of our body? Can we influence how are body uses our food for example?

This line of thinking happened after reading an article on a Dutch website while researching auto-suggestion and how to change habits. The article stated that by a simple and very effective experiment you can raise the energy available to you. It said the following:

Before you begin a meal, take time to tell your body and the food that the energy of the meal is not for storage (in fat tissue) but to be used by your muscles and organs. You will notice that you have more energy, and loss of weight will follow soon after. When the weight remains fairly the same, it is time for the following phase: ask the body to release all excessively stored energy and make it available for muscles and organs.

If this is true, what I rationally can see as such, it opens up more ways that we can be in charge of our bodies. How about telling your body to remove warts? Or grow blond hair instead of the grey hair that has been progressively taking the blond hair over?

I am curious about the experiment mentioned. Steve Pavlina often says how we need a 30 day period to change a habit. I think it would be interesting to tell all my food to be used on organs and muscles and not for storage.

Would it change my level of energy?

Would I loose weight?

What is your bet on that happening?

P.S. on December 28th I found out that Abraham through Esther Hicks has a new video on you tube called Think and Get Slim, Natural Weight Loss. It is from 240 minute video on natural weight loss. Here is the question fromĀ  woman that has tried every diet, done every exercise, and still cannot lose weight.

Your mental attitude is all that you need to effectively loose weight!


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RED, originally uploaded by placbo.

Here is one way to visualize by Rob of iwishicouldtellyou. I am curious how you deal with visualization.

I have often visualized to create things like more space, work, or easy material things such as another wheelbarrow for the garden, someone to fix the shed in the garden. Sometimes I find that I visualize because I cannot and will not accept reality as it is. Then I complain about the lack of space in our boat, I am unhappy since I like to do things so work would be more than welcome. It is a sort of fix mechanism.

On the other hand the wheelbarrow materialized within two days and the person to fix the shed appeared one year after. When it is fun things with less weight attached I can see it as a game.

I am now at a place where I visualize for indeed the wheelbarrow or projects that I am in. Just the first small step ahead that I would like to make. I visualize that and accept whatever comes. And then again: I am often wondering if everything in my life is happening in a perfect way, who needs to visualize to create and what for? Can I feel what I really need?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions:
1. What do you visualize?
2. Why do you visualize?
3. Did anything happen when you visualized?

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Communication in every day life uses words. We all use a different kind of communication too. Intuition, sixth sense. It may also be called hunches, the paranormal or perhaps channeling. The kind of communication that is send and received without words. Perhaps in feelings or impressions that are so strong that I cannot ignore them.

We are all connected and influence each other, whether you like it or not. Whether I am aware of it or not. It will happen. Perhaps you know the feeling that someone is looking at you. When you do look up you will see that this is indeed true. The look of this person can be felt by you. Try for yourself to look at someone with the intention that the person will look at you too. Fascinating. Especially because sometimes they do look at you in return.

Impressions are personal and I make up my own interpretation of what it might mean. I read a lot of books to understand and learn about what was happening to me. None of the books gave me the full answer that I needed. The experience of this other world is always mine. My perception of the world was not always mentioned in books. I read things that did not happen with me.

How does this work with impressions? For instance when I enter a room and I don’t feel happy there. Or I sit in a chair and I get cold, awfully cold. I react almost from instinct and will probably leave the room or sit some place else. If only I could listen to this kind of feelings more often. I have noticed that I begin to doubt what I feel. I begin to reason and brush it away, like a fly sitting on my face.

We are all born with this inbuilt instinct or sixth sense. When I grew older I got busy. Most of all in my mind and I thought to much that I forgot what I felt about certain places or people. I began to doubt my natural instinct. Got convinced that I don’t really feel it any more and I taught myself to ignore it. I needed time to think and survive in this world of words and actions. Feelings become overlooked.

Children are still using that instinct and will listen to it. What to do with a 2 year old son that joins on a visit to the hospital? Our next door neighbor is lying in a room and she is well known to him. He simply refuses to go into the room and waits for one hour at the door. Just waits and is happy waiting there. He is not persuaded by anything. What happened? I don’t know. He had a reason and maybe there was no reason. He decided to listen.

Impressions from elsewhere. How do I know? Are they really from elsewhere? They can also be from within me. Hard to tell. With me impressions are something that is making a connection with something inside of me. Almost welling up from inside of me and then a kind of fusion happens. Imagine a sperm cell entering the egg. The sperm invades and then merges with the egg. My feelings and impressions are like that. I enter a room and suddenly IT happens. I feel a fusion with someone or something. That is all I know.

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It sounds so easy, it seems so natural and still I have a hard time trusting it. My hunches and feelings. I doubt what I feel and I want to brush it aside. One example. I once had astrology students and each took a real life issue to look at. A man took the anger in his life. On a scale from 1 to 10 his anger was in the higher echelons. He looked at his horoscope and it did not get him anywhere.

We begin a discussion about his anger, exploring his horoscope. And then I feel the need to get the aura-soma bottles on the table. The bottles with the numbers of his birth date. That is the hunch. Then my mind and reason interfere, I go: “This is crazy, I am doing astrology here, not aura-soma bottles. No way. That will not look too good if I do that. What good will it do?” I doubt and doubt about it. Reason and argue with myself. By now I know from experience that this is a hunch and a strong one too.

aura soma bottlesI take the four bottles of his birth date. Remember that we are talking about anger and in aura-soma terminology anger could be translated in the color red. The bottles on the table are either red, pink or magenta. No other color in there. I would say that 80% of the bottles holds red in it. This makes a valid point for this man. Red is the color of both passion and anger. What happens if you do not live from passion, when your passion is blocked? You turn into one angry young man. Frustrated because you do not get what you want and what you need to be happy.

I am glad that I did listen. It was an addition to the conversation. Things like this are more than a coincidence. I am learning to listen to hunches like this every day. IT is there and I can feel it. Will I use it? That is the real question. My fear is sometimes too big to open my mouth. My impressions are not always ‘easy’, like the hunch for the use of aura-soma bottles. What about using my other impressions? Will I tell? And if I tell, will they believe me? That fear can be enormous. I loose myself often in wondering about it. Why me? Is it real? How do I know?

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The question: “What is the difference between normal, abnormal and paranormal? is just waiting to be answered. Has been on my mind for a couple of years now. Not all the time, but now and again when things happened in my life. This is my answer just for today.

I first looked at the etymological meaning. A normal thing to do.

1650, “standing at a right angle,” from L.L. normalis “in conformity with rule, normal,” from L. normalis “made according to a carpenter’s square,” from norma “rule, pattern,” lit. “carpenter’s square” (see norm). Meaning “conforming to common standards, usual” is from 1828. Online Etymology Dictionary – Normal

Hmm, interesting the word normal only came into existence around the year 1650. Were regulations coming more into fashion so that the norm became more to the front then before?

How about abnormal?

1835, replaced older anormal and abnormous (1742) under infl. of L. abnormis “deviating from a rule,” from ab- “off, away from” + norma “rule” (see norm). The older forms were via O.Fr. anormal (13c.), from M.L. anormalos, from Gk. anomalos, from an- “not” + homalos, from homos “same.” The Gk. word influenced in L. by association with norma. Online Etymology Dictionary -Abnormal

I definitely like abnormal much better. Especially the not-being-the-same-part of the explanation. It is almost an old fashioned way to say that we are all individual.

Paranormal is the last:

1930, from para- (q.v.) + normal.
Online Etymology Dictionary -Paranormal

This is not enough to satisfy me, another source is wordwebonline. Normal is conforming with or constituting a norm or standard. Abnormal is not normal, regular or conforming to a norm. It can also be much greater than the normal! Paranormal is not in accordance with scientific laws.

What it comes down to is that normal is the usual, abnormal is beyond the usual and paranormal is way beyond the usual. I would not want to be normal and conform with the norm. I understand that you need to buy a ticket to ride on the bus, but there is so much more that does not need to be conform or follow the rules and regulations or scientific standards. How about being open for other possibilities? For things that are not scientifically approved? I am.

I am interested, to say the least, in the myriad of possibilities that opens up when leaving behind the regulations and the scientific standards. At the risk of being seen as abnormal that is.

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I read this somewhere:

‘Be silent about great things; let them grow inside you.’ – Baron Friedrich Von Eisel

I am taking my time like a chicken with her egg. No need to hurry, it has to grow and will come out when ready. Inspired by Catherine, I’m putting the first glimpses of my egg out there.

Tonight I pray and wish for:
* courage to communicate with Bill about my egg
* inspiration for my test astrology report for a website
* love and peace of mind
* a good Sunday without a vis-a-vis-confrontation with my old co-worker
* a nice ride on the bike in the Sun to work
* blessings for everyone in need of one
* nice coffee before I leave in the morning
* a good hair day

Two days later: I wrote to Bill, the report will be done tomorrow, peace of mind definitely, vis-a-vis confrontation happened while coming out of the toilet (!), no bike ride there was a hailstorm so I went by car, blessings still going, nice coffee before I left and a good hair day. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I am a happy radiant woman.

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I found an interesting link to play The garden of Dreams and the Halls of Healing here.

The garden of dreams is a research project of the Institute of Noetic Sciences to test and train your intuitive abilities. The halls of healing contains three games that test the roles of intention, attention and intuition in intentional healing. You also have the possibility to mentally do a healing on a cartoon person.

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