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My daughter asked for her angel photo, she wanted to show the kids at school the photo taken during the Dutch exhibition “All kind of angels”. Every visitor is photographed as being an angel. Select the date and you see so many angels that are present among us. One hint, my kids visited on the 24th of December.

If you want to see how you look as an angel, you can visit the exhibition until the 22nd of February in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Also this morning I went for a walk with my friend. Ten minutes into the walk we discovered a pile of books thrown out with other rubbish. We took thrillers and Paulo Coelho’s book The Zahir. Thank you people so much for that.

About one year ago I participated in the New Moon Collage Process of Michelle
and posted three soul collages, Capricorn, Aquarius Pisces. And then I stopped. So guess what? The 12th of January the new moon in Aquarius calls me again and says:
“I am the One who innovates and gives service to my community through our shared vision.”

What part of me wants to innovate and give service to my community? What vision do I have on this blog, my life and health, work and family? What can I leave behind to make room for the new in 2009? I feel inspired and will post a soul collage on Aquarius in a couple of days.

What do you share with the world today?


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