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Inner knowing provides me with my own Miriam-knowing, the gut feeling might even support it. Perhaps even more interesting is that I feel happy when I go with the inner knowing. Is that comforting? To me it is.

Every time a choice needs to be made, what do I do?



My inner critic is talking into my ear, sits on my shoulder. Already deleted 6 written sentences.

They were:

1. Pick up a book, choose a page at random and find line 7. These are fun and often at least amusing, mostly they apply to the situation.

2. Get a coffee, gulp it down and still can’t decide. This is postponing taking a decision.

3. Call a friend and then another, also postponing a decision and taking me away from inner knowing.

4. Go with what comes to mind first and what makes me smile.

5. Sit and do nothing. Only when I am very hesitant.

6. Listen to the critic and listen to the critic and listen to the critic and delete this post since it is going no where.

Do you get the point? The inner knowing is there and the inner critic seems its biggest treat. I still need to learn to send the inner critic to far away places and go with what I feel like doing.

Post this piece and pretend that I did not hear the inner critic.


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Why this post? Because people are curious about their own sixth sense. The ‘I can’t do what you do’-remark is sometimes followed by the question: Can I do what you do as well? To a certain extent we all use our intuition and we can develop it further. What if you notice that you can’t get the answers with your five objective senses any more? There are ways to increase your awareness of the voice within or the inner guidance. The tips are at the end of this article, so if you want those, skip my experience which comes first.

First Listening to Others

Now how do you go about developing that? With me it all began in 1994 when I was stuck. Completely at a loss with myself. partsI did not like my job, my relationship was going downhill and I felt unhappy. What was it that I wanted, really wanted? I had looked at what others did and followed their advice. I read the self-help books and tried doing what they suggested. I tried so many different things. Except for recognizing one thing: I did not take the time to sit down, relax and listen to my inner voice. I had totally forgotten that it was there, waiting in silence for me to tune into it.

Sitting down and relax? LOL

I kept myself so busy at that time, especially in my mind. My body came along, I did not feel it any more. I wanted to control every second of my daily life, and the past and future. Hours on end every day I wanted to think of all the answers, keep busy about events that already happened or would happen in the future. I would prepare for all kind of conversations beforehand. I was insecure. Not all the time, most of the time. I forgot about feelings, I did not listen.

Sitting down and relaxing? Are you kidding? There was way too many things to do, control and think about. If I sat down I would only think up more things to do and the transistor radio in my head would turn the volume up. I would rather keep doing things to prevent myself from sitting down. And create even longer to-do-lists.

Time to Slow Down

I just did not listen, then I was involved in a bank robbery and eventually I had a burn out. 29 years old and I thought that my career was over and done with. Then my HR boss suggested that I slow down and take my time. He also said to relax and go within. I had really no idea what he meant. It was like talking Chinese to a Hungarian.

Some weeks of utter despair followed, I had not idea what to do with myself. I remembered how I walked around in Venice. Every day for hours, and sometimes I did not even remember where I walked. It was pure bliss some of the time, even when it rained. Anyway now I was living in Amsterdam and I decided to walk again. It got me fit and eventually it got me out of my head. The chatterbox silenced a bit and the thoughts moved to the background. There was no need to interfere and discuss my life with the thoughts in my head. There was not so much to do and think about anyway. I noticed how I could enjoy the walking, the sun, the rain and looking at people. I felt free, no strings attached. It was a lovely feeling and I felt on holiday in my own life.

Intuition in Real Life

All beautiful things come to an end. One day I was ready to go to work again. It went fine on the first day, the second day alas my chatterbox got back talking in my head and it soon got worse. I began worrying again. But now I was prepared. I was no longer willing to loose the feeling that I had, that I felt guided and connected. On holiday in my own life. I wanted to keep that in my life. The trick was simple, quiet the mind and get in touch with my inner voice and guidance.

It was almost as if I had find the phone number, to have both contact with the outer life and the inner life. In the years I used many ways to quiet my mind and listen to the intuition instead. All the ways that you can find to silence your mind just enough to make space for the silence behind it. Here is my-ever-to-be-finished-list-of-possibilities to tap into my intuition.

  1. Meditate. There is so many ways but most of them are easy to begin with. Sit down, close your eyes, take a couple of breaths. Relax your body and let the thoughts pass. Use the breaths to begin feeling where you are and what you feel and experience now. That is all. Drop your expectations and relax, you are doing fine. Meditation techniques and tips to relax the mind in meditation. The Meditation center offers tips and explain misconceptions on meditation.
  2. Do a guided visualization or guided meditation.
  3. Gardening and specifically weeding or tasks that keep your mind occupied.
  4. Ironing, piles and piles of it.
  5. Cooking. Concentrate on the cooking itself.
  6. Take a shower and sing a song, nobody can hear you!changed balloons
  7. Draw or paint, not necessarily a big piece. Time flies when you are having fun.
  8. Drive a car over a long distance and concentrate on the road and your driving.
  9. Running, the flow begins when you immerse in the running itself. Surrender to the movement of the body, the steps and the breathing. Experience Flow.
  10. Recognize the fact that you are able to find the plug and the pole and that you can reconnect yourself and God.
  11. Listen to music and sing along with the songs that make you forget about time and space. Sometimes you need to put the music loud!
  12. Walk the dog in the forest. Or walk on your on if you have no dog.
  13. Brainstorm session with friends. I was surprised of all the good ideas that they had for my life.
  14. Trust the feeling or images or hunches that you get. Learn to trust them and over time you will now what and how your intuition talks to you. It is mostly in symbols that mean something to you. If you ask a question be ready to receive an answer that makes sense to you.
  15. There are many cards like the tarot or angle cards or whatever their name is. if you keep busy in your mind ask the cards. Just take one card out of the deck and see what you can make of it. Without referring to the accompanying book. Aquarius Moon Soul CollageThe intuition is yours not out of a book.
  16. You can join the New Moon Journal Soul Collage of Michelle Lessirard. Every month you create your own Soul Collage. With some magazines, a scissor, glue and your intuition. Beautiful opportunity to see what you can create if you look at images, they speak to you. I am surprised every time about the richness of the symbolism in a collage that I make. At the time of making it doesn’t make sense at all.
  17. The Artist way is a book that got me into my own ways to be an artist in life. Inspiring and revealing how beliefs can refrain you from going anywhere. One of the exercise was to take time for me and do something nice. How hard was that? When I had the time I would do the laundry. Why should I do something to inspire myself? It was an eye opener and I saw how I dried up as a person, becoming smaller and smaller. Another book of her is Finding water. I have not read it but many stories are so similar to the Artist Way. This blog has people share their experiences during the process to find water.

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flowerNormal, abnormal and paranormal. In my life living according to the norm was terribly important. My first reaction to many things would be to look what everyone else did. Clothing, eating, education, drawing. You name it, I wanted to do and be the correct thing. To fit in and belong, be as much like everyone else. Living outside or above the norm would mean that I would be noticed and that scared me.

My weblog now at 41 years of age is a mirror of me, every one can see my face in the header. My choice: I did not want to hide. But telling about my experiences that are outside of the norm, of a so called abnormal and paranormal nature? Immediately this fear flares up. I have struggled with this for a couple of years now. When people ask me what work I do, I tell them that I work from home. Not really an answer is it?

I have become shy about telling what I do for a living. Why? Because I have told people what I do in the past. Astrology, alternative healing and Aura-Soma color therapy (has the word aura which puts people of even more) could be one possible answer. (Nothing about spiritual experiences in it of course not, I didn’t dare.) And that already did it, it has often been the first and last conversation I have with people. I get ‘the eye’ as I call it and then I stop being me.

I quote Bill in one of his private mails to me:

People can so often be put off by, be uncomfortable around or even mistrust anyone they don’t see as being “normal”. […] Think of this, consider others that are gifted in some way. Say a great surgeon, a great painter and a great musician, each has been blessed with a special gift that puts them out of the “norm”. Are you all that much different? It is just your gift is different.

Sometimes I have shared about these experiences or the phenomenon that people call paranormal. I don’t like that word since it sort of indicates that other people are normal and that paranormal would mean something which is more than normal or special. Paranormal to me is the use of our non-objective senses. You silence “the transistor radio” or the voice in your head and then you tune into your intuition in whatever way suits you best.

Anyone is paranormal, most people call it intuition. Or that is how I have come to understand it. I have used the word paranormal only once and never since that first time. It scared this woman so much that she did not talk to me any more. I know that I cannot help her with that, I can only be me, I know all that, and still I got hesitant to talk about it.

What happened was that two women wondered why I had done a certain course. At first I said something vague as that it was helping my personal growth. When one of them persisted I blurted out this answer: “You know, I am paranormal and this course helps me to deal with it.” After that she avoided me for months on end. Then one morning by chance I stood next to her and she started talking. She had been wondering all the time what I saw when I looked at her. If I saw her aura or if I could read her thoughts and feelings? Things like that. And then she said what was really on her mind: “Can you see if I had sex last night?”

No, I cannot see that. I don’t even have a wish to be able to do that. And what would be the point? So people don’t always understand what the paranormal or intuitive side of life entails. They make up interpretations of it.

My wish would be to tell stories from my own experience so that people can begin to understand. I don’t want to hide it. I am not abnormal, I am not more special than others, I just have some work to do, as we all have. To realize who we are and share who we are. Even if fear looks around the corner to talk about it.

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The question: “What is the difference between normal, abnormal and paranormal? is just waiting to be answered. Has been on my mind for a couple of years now. Not all the time, but now and again when things happened in my life. This is my answer just for today.

I first looked at the etymological meaning. A normal thing to do.

1650, “standing at a right angle,” from L.L. normalis “in conformity with rule, normal,” from L. normalis “made according to a carpenter’s square,” from norma “rule, pattern,” lit. “carpenter’s square” (see norm). Meaning “conforming to common standards, usual” is from 1828. Online Etymology Dictionary – Normal

Hmm, interesting the word normal only came into existence around the year 1650. Were regulations coming more into fashion so that the norm became more to the front then before?

How about abnormal?

1835, replaced older anormal and abnormous (1742) under infl. of L. abnormis “deviating from a rule,” from ab- “off, away from” + norma “rule” (see norm). The older forms were via O.Fr. anormal (13c.), from M.L. anormalos, from Gk. anomalos, from an- “not” + homalos, from homos “same.” The Gk. word influenced in L. by association with norma. Online Etymology Dictionary -Abnormal

I definitely like abnormal much better. Especially the not-being-the-same-part of the explanation. It is almost an old fashioned way to say that we are all individual.

Paranormal is the last:

1930, from para- (q.v.) + normal.
Online Etymology Dictionary -Paranormal

This is not enough to satisfy me, another source is wordwebonline. Normal is conforming with or constituting a norm or standard. Abnormal is not normal, regular or conforming to a norm. It can also be much greater than the normal! Paranormal is not in accordance with scientific laws.

What it comes down to is that normal is the usual, abnormal is beyond the usual and paranormal is way beyond the usual. I would not want to be normal and conform with the norm. I understand that you need to buy a ticket to ride on the bus, but there is so much more that does not need to be conform or follow the rules and regulations or scientific standards. How about being open for other possibilities? For things that are not scientifically approved? I am.

I am interested, to say the least, in the myriad of possibilities that opens up when leaving behind the regulations and the scientific standards. At the risk of being seen as abnormal that is.

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