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Finding Words

I am probably not as alone as I sometimes believe. Everyone, including the members of my family, work colleagues and friends, everyone will at one time have to cope with losing ideals and changing values.

I know that consciously being able to let go of deeply personal and painful old wounds will create space. To be able to find a new outlook on living, with the old hurts and surpassing them.

Perhaps then can I broaden my horizon enough to see what it is that I would like to experience in this world.

Maybe it is time to share that process of coping. I am willing, I am finding words, now, one day, soon.


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Today I read a text on The problem is the solution. It is in Dutch and here is the translation:

Within us as unique individuals we have everything needed to make a next step. A condition being that you transform every experience into a positive learning experience. Do you feel resistance (now)? That is nothing else but feedback to open the door to being effective.

Begin to understand that your chosen solution is too often the problem. And also that in every moment you make the best choice available to you, based on your consciousness/awareness, your lessons and your experiences.

Also acknowledge then that every behavior has or had a positive intention. Frans Vermeulen, journalist

My free learning experiences are all over the place really, every day in many encounters I am challenged to remain OK. Also to tell my inner critical part to shut up or else I will send it to Siberia. The biggest learning experience right now is to live my life as I feel it is OK for me to live it.

As the problem is the solution, when I am not OK with being who I am in a situation, that is the solution to become OK again. Is is that simple? The free learning then would be:

– people that challenge me and touch me, make that I react by feeling no longer OK. This is the fastest way to learn how to take care of myself and my needs.
– I am teaching myself to set healthy boundaries by listening to my feelings.
– I tell myself that I am OK whatever I do, feel or say, that my needs are OK. There are no mistakes. Things might happen to help me become more me.
– I can let go of my old belief that I am not good enough.

There is a renewed sense also to stay in the “Let Go, let love-attitude” and allow experiences to come and go. To really acknowledge that I did the best I could under the circumstances. That I am not guilty for what I did and that I got something from the experience. Next thing to look at is What is emotional detachment? How can I be true to my self and make the influence that others have on me smaller and smaller?

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