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Tonight I was thinking about how hard it can sometimes be to let others be who they are. I want to change them because that would suit me better or it hurts me less. To have it my way is very nice and convenient, however in the long run it would not always be best for me and the other person involved.

Liz of Succesful bloggers has a Writing project on her blog today. Only 25 words of advice or wisdom into a blog post.

detach with love
three words hiding a promise

step back from others, let them go
like sneezing during a cold

then life can literally unfold


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Finding Words

I am probably not as alone as I sometimes believe. Everyone, including the members of my family, work colleagues and friends, everyone will at one time have to cope with losing ideals and changing values.

I know that consciously being able to let go of deeply personal and painful old wounds will create space. To be able to find a new outlook on living, with the old hurts and surpassing them.

Perhaps then can I broaden my horizon enough to see what it is that I would like to experience in this world.

Maybe it is time to share that process of coping. I am willing, I am finding words, now, one day, soon.

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